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[boc_heading html_element=”h1″ alignment=”center” color=”#000000″ css_classes=”no_text_transform”]Sample Widget: tVite™ Event Version – GROUP[/boc_heading][boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”]
[boc_heading html_element=”h3″]This is a sample of our complete event widget with the graphical and tVite™ styles, including.a request for 10+ rooms[/boc_heading]

If the number of rooms needed on the Event widget is > 10, then the search string should go to Groupize.


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In the widget snippet we cannot accept 10+, as the + causes the widget not to render.  This is not a problem, as the user will select the number from the dropdown.

However, currently the maximum number of adults is not being governed by the limitation of 4 guests per room (which is the norm).  The maximum number of adults should be the number of rooms x 4.

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