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[boc_heading]Thank you for customizing your Smart Trip Tool [/boc_heading]

Check your email for a copy of the TripProximity Smart Trip Tool embed code.

The title of the email is TripProximity – New Smart Trip Tool.  The HTML code is in an attachment.

Now all you have to do is copy it and paste it into your website or blog.  It will be live and ready to use right away. If you want to modify anything in the setup of the tool, visit the support center for instructions on further customizing the plug-in.

Anyone with rights of authorship of your web site or blog can add the Smart Trip Tool in just minutes.

If you use WordPress, visit the support center for instructions.

Open the original email. There is a link that says READY TO TEST. Click on that link and if you would like to include any comments or questions,  simply type those below the information about your implementation. Once we receive it, we will test your tool and complete your registration.

[boc_heading html_element=”h3″] From one game changer to another – Welcome! [/boc_heading]

By implementing the TripProximity SmartTrip plug-in you join a unique group of companies, venues, bloggers and events that are changing the way people plan their trip to see you or to attend your event.

We would love to hear your story of how you are changing your game with TripProximity.

Our PRO Clients enjoy a range of benefits

Once you achieve 10 bookings in a month or for a specific event, you will automatically become a PRO client.  You will receive a welcome email and will become eligible for the following once you complete your registration on our Admin Portal.

  1. Royalty on all bookings beyond the minimum of 10, paid quarterly with a $100 minimum before payment is made
  2. Donation to your charity of choice annually
  3. Accessibility to our premium Smart Trip Tools and option to participate in our Beta Test group

We are here to help.

If you would like our help to maximize the benefit of adding smart trip planning to your site or blog, don’t hesitate to ask.  Just click on the link in the lower right corner of this screen.  If it is during business hours, you can chat with us live.  If it is after hours, just send us a note using the form provided and we’ll get back to you the next business day.