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Find Hotels for your Evacuation Route

Step 1: Find a safe area

Use the Evacuation Map below to find an area outside of the evacuation zone where you would like to travel.

Step 2: Enter Safe Travel Destination

Enter the address of the area you would like to find a hotel. It can be near a relative or friend's house, a landmark, or general zip code.
Street Address:
Zip Code:
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Step 3: Choose hotel and travel options



[boc_text_box title=”100% Proceeds for Disaster Relief” add_bgr=”yes”]For those who may be impacted by natural disasters, you can use this site to find a hotel outside your evacuation area.

When disaster strikes, whether you are facing a flood or a fire or a hurricane, consider going to a hotel as they have backup generators, food, water, ice, air conditioning and higher levels (in case of flooding).

Our free Smart Trip Plug-in will let you find a hotel near a safe area and avoid being price gouged and wasting time on hold.

American Red Cross100% of ALL proceeds go directly to the American Red Cross for Disaster relief. You can also choose to have the donation from your booking benefit the Red Cross Disaster Relief or your local Red Cross chapter.

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