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The TravelingToGive smart giving trip tool helps companies, non-profits and individuals raise money for causes that they care about. And because it is powered by TripProximity, it uses our crazy smart trip tech to help find a hotel nearby your company, venue or event.  You can plan travel literally from anywhere to anywhere.  It is precise.  Because both proximity and giving matter.

The tool helps you save time when planning your trip.  You can type in the name of any organization, venue or just start typing any address and it will help you find the specific address of your destination.  Really!  Then it finds available hotels nearby, helps you get driving directions and rent a car or get an airline ticket.

Configure your smart giving trip tool in minutes

It takes just minutes to configure the TripProximity smart giving trip tool. You begin by picking the charity that you want to benefit.  Then, you’re in charge of options to include: smart map, hotels nearby, air booking and driving directions.

For venues and events that visitors may need a hotel nearby, you will want to use our Smart Stay version of the Widget, which positions the “I’m Staying” tab as the first thing users see.

If more of your visitors’ focus is to find where you are and view driving directions, then you will want our Smart Map view.  They will still have access to hotel booking if they need it.

If you would like to understand the process, look at our Quick Start Guide.