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Get a customized smart trip tool for each of your events

[boc_heading] Make your Ticketing and Registration system even smarter [/boc_heading]

When your customers buy a ticket or register for an event, it can often result in an overnight stay.  Today when that happens, they have to go to a separate place to make those plans.  And there is nothing to prompt or remind them to get a hotel.

Doesn’t it make sense to bring hotel availability and booking closer to their ‘reason’ for the trip? For the first time, you can help your clients easily answer the question: “Where should I stay?” With TripProximity, your CRM system becomes a 24-hour concierge that provides an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”

[boc_heading] Differentiation matters. [/boc_heading]

There are many choices for corporate event planning and management services.  Enhance the total experience for your customers. And be known as the innovator that adds to the bottom line while also supporting your favorite charities.

[boc_heading] No matter the reason[/boc_heading]

No matter whether your customer is a corporation or a bride or someone actually registering or RSVPing for a conference or event, they will appreciate having trip planning integrated right into your system.  They can use the smart trip widget to get driving directions or figure out how long it will take to get where they are going. If it takes too long, they can even get an airline ticket.

And for trips that require an overnight, they can easily book a hotel nearby.  And the traveler gets to choose properties that meet their proximity, brand, price and amenity preferences and we provide 7x24x365 support, so you don’t have to!

[boc_heading] Make your map smarter[/boc_heading]

If you already have a map on your site, replace it with our Smart Map feature.  You can easily add our widget to your Event Ticketing and Registration platform to show the event location on a map. Then right from that same tool, you allow your user to access hotel booking (I’m staying), driving directions (I’m driving) and optional air booking (I’m flying).

Although the user may know the hotels that are near their destination, they don’t know what is available.  TripProximity shows just those available hotels that are nearby.

[boc_heading] Giving travelers choice is smart[/boc_heading]

For decades, room blocks have been the way that event managers deal with providing hotel rooms for their event attendees.

The challenge is that this is time consuming and it is a guessing game at best.  If you guess too low, the room block could fill up too early.  Also, room blocks normally expire a week or more before the event.  So even if the rooms were not all sold, someone that wants to attend the event may see that the rooms are sold out and take that to mean that they can’t attend the event.

With TripProximity, you (or your event manager or box office clients) can begin offering rooms for booking 330 days in advance of the event and attendees can book right up to the last day of the event.  We guarantee your attendees the lowest published room rate on their hotel rooms booked through the Smart Trip widget, or we will write them a check for 110% of the difference.

[boc_heading] Add a new revenue stream and at the same time, make giving back easy [/boc_heading]

Did you know that more than 17% of event goers either come from out of town or have a reason to “make it a weekend” when coming to events, even if they are local?

We share a royalty with you on a quarterly basis, driven by the bookings made by the customers your clients.

With TripProximity, every trip can also matter to the charities you support.  A percentage of the proceeds from travel bookings made on your system are given to your charity of choice annually.

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[boc_heading alignment=”center”] Site placement is easy.[/boc_heading]

The TripProximity widget conforms to the HTML container added to your site. Choosing a location near customers’ decision points creates greater value for you.

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[boc_heading]Good things are in store. [/boc_heading]

We work with your marketing and tech teams to integrate our dynamic widget as soon as you give us the “go”.  There is no contract to sign and we can implement literally the same day as the implementation call.

Contact Stan to discuss the impact TripProximity can make to your business, or use our online royalty predictor tool by clicking the button below.

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Stan Liberatore

VP Client Solutions

813-925-0789n ext 7




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