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Get a smart trip widget for Nebhub

Make your CRM system even smarter When your customers are setting up face to face meetings with prospects and clients, that often results in an overnight stay.  Today when that happens, they have to go to a separate place to make those plans.  And there is nothing to prompt or remind them to get a hotel. Doesn't it make sense
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Make your CRM even smarter

One of the key uses of a CRM system is to plan to visit prospects and clients CRM systems do an amazing job of helping you email or call your clients.  They track when the emails are opened and even when the recipient visits your website or responds to a social campaign.  Many CRM companies call this the "marketing automation"
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Make your calendaring system smarter and be more profitable at the same time

Return to Smart Integrations Make incremental, transactional revenues from your existing clients As a B2B tech provider, you likely make money either from license fees or subscriptions.  You may even have a revenue stream from other options - a PRO or ENTERPRISE version of your tool. Did you know that you are still likely leaving money on the table and
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