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Donors travel for many reasons.  Earn a donation every time your supporters book a trip on a TravelingToGive smart trip tool.  Earn a donation, literally, while they sleep.

  • A life saver to charities and the clients they serve
  • Focus on services instead of the difficult tasks of raising funds

You travel for many reasons to many places.  Think about benefitting your charity of choice with each trip.  It will feel good.

  • It lets smart givers amplify their impact for the cause they care about
  • Give while doing what you love, as well as what you need to do

Cause Marketing | Event Marketing | Employee Engagement programs

The Click Travel Give program is designed to communicate the TravelingToGive program to supporters.  We have found that it communicates the ease of use of the smart trip tool in a way that shows them the new way to give.

We help you customize your program and provide marketing support.

The smart giving tool, powered by TripProximity, finds the hotels nearby where you are really going.  Enter the name of a company or organization, a place or an address.  No need to call and ask “where should I stay nearby?”

When you want to increase the engagement of your donors, we can help.  Each time your supporters travel, they can use the TravelingToGive tool and we donate back to your 501c3 for each trip taken.

Encourage your donors to post about their trip and let their followers know that the trip benefitted your charity.

The tool can also be used for your events, helping attendees find a hotel nearby.

If you would like to talk to one of our team about how TravelingToGive can benefit your non-profit, register here and we will schedule a call.

If you are ready to get started, you can build your own tool now and get started.  Insert the tool on your website or blog or host it on our side and bookmark the link.