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[boc_heading]Purpose-driven tech companies activate our game changing trip planning and fund raising tools to raise money while you sleep [/boc_heading]
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Travel is one of the most resilient industries in the world.  While it may appear that it has met its match with Covid-19, we are very bullish on its return.  That isn’t Pollyanna talking, it is 24 years of consulting to the industry and living through rumors of war, terrorism, economic downturns, SARS and the Swine Flu.

[boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”][boc_heading html_element=”h3″]For 501c3 Organizations: Extend your fund raising outreach and benefit your organization all year long [/boc_heading]
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Imagine being able to collect donations all year round from your supporters and their friends, without them having to write a check.

We will help you develop viral campaigns for your donors that leverages every trip that they take, for any reason, at any time.  Our campaigns are designed to help reinforce the mission of your 501c3 and increase the engagement of your supporters.

The TravelingToGive™ tool can be used on your website, blog and even your Facebook page and takes just minutes to activate.

Our Click | Travel | Give campaigns produce a donation equivalent to 2.5% of the gross hotel and car booking amount, giving you a way to augment the commitments made on #GivingTuesday.

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Your staff, donors, board members and executive team travel for many reasons – both personally and for business.   The average American takes 4.2 trips per year.

We understand that travel isn’t just vacation and corporate travel and we also understand that 89% of all overnight trips in the US are by car, not by air.  And while many may not be anxious to jump on a plane, they will drive.

#beingtherematters #givingmatters

With our TravelingToGive smart trip tool, which can be installed on your website, blog or Facebook page in just minutes, you can generate a donation to your charity of choice every time they book a trip.  And if you are a charity, you can earn a donation, literally, while your donors sleep.

Whether you are a non-profit looking for new ways to engage your donors or a corporation wanting to find new ways to engage your employees or a blogger or even a petsitter wanting support your charity of choice, TravelingToGive can help you explore your options.

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[boc_spacing][boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”][boc_spacing][boc_tabs minimal_style=”yes”][boc_tab title=”VIEW the live tool” icon=”icon icon-magnifying-glass”][boc_heading html_element=”h5″]Check out this sample TravelingToGive tool. It’s live. This is for travel to a major event, benefitting Feeding Tampa Bay.[/boc_heading]


  • the Kenny Chesney fan that has always wanted to attend a concert
  • to the family who had Feeding Tampa Bay literally (and figuratively) save them after the hurricane when they didn’t have money for groceries
  • to the volunteer who supports Feeding Tampa Bay locally and wants to do all she can to help
  • to the staff of the corporate sponsor of Feeding Tampa Bay who travels frequently and wants to give back
  • to the programs sponsored by Feeding Tampa Bay
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More and more organizations build
giving back into their culture.

When they buy any kind of goods, the leading online retailer contributes 0.5% of transactional profits to a customer’s designated charity.

We salute their generosity. But we’re upping the ante even more. And no we don’t sell bedspreads, books or electronics.  But we know you travel for many reasons and to many places.

And whether you are a corporation, an individual, a group or a non-profit, you can use our TravelingToGive™ smart giving tool to raise money for the causes that you care about.


We can work with you, using our dynamic Revenue Predictor tool to see how much you can raise with TravelingToGive for your non-profit or if you are a for profit entity, for the cause that you are passionate about.

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Diversified income helps charities focus on services instead of the difficult tasks of raising funds

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It lets smart givers amplify their impact for the cause they care about – sharing about their trips/impact on social media

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A transactional, recurring revenue stream

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A life saver to charities and the clients they serve

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Every trip taken by those who care about your cause can benefit your organization.  You will be provided a referral link that can be shared with anyone that wants to support you throughout the year.

We can help you reach out to your corporate sponsors and volunteers and come up with programs where they can then support you with their travel, as well as spreading the word.

[/boc_tab][boc_tab title=”Partner Links” icon=”icon icon-external-link-square”][boc_heading]See the tool live on some of our TravelingToGive partner sites [/boc_heading]

Click on the image above to see how one of our non-profit clients uses TravelingToGive for their donors on their Facebook site.  This took less than 5 minutes to launch.

Click on the image above to see how the TravelingToGive tool is used by one of our blogger clients.  Every trip benefits Paws for Purple Hearts.  She has also “trip enabled” all of her top blog posts.

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