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[boc_heading html_element=”h1″ alignment=”center” color=”#333333″ font_size=”52″] Marketing matters and so does your time. [/boc_heading]

How broadly do you market your event?  Do you focus just on the immediate region, or do you have ways to broaden your reach?

Event managers sometimes avoid broadening their marketing reach because they don’t want to spend time managing room blocks to ensure that out of town event attendees have a place to stay.  In many cases the room blocks expire before the event, which creates a flurry of communication wondering whether the event is full.  It makes you wonder whether it is worth the hassle.

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[boc_heading html_element=”h5″]Try the smart trip tool for events – it’s live [/boc_heading]

TripProximity provides a way to reduce the amount of time spent on ensuring that event attendees are set with lodging.

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If you operate an event venue or manage events, you can customize your own Smart Trip tool literally in minutes, giving your attendees a 24×7 concierge for their logistics.  It takes just minutes to install on your event page.

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[boc_side_icon_box title=”Get people engaged and committed earlier” animated=”yes” icon=”icon icon-check-square-o”]As far as 355 days out, attendees can book their own room nearby the event, so long before you finalize the details, you can ask past attendees to save the date.  For multi-day events, often even locals will want to get a room.  For events open to the public, encourage them to make it a date night if appropriate or to make it a weekend or invite a friend.

If your event is at a hotel, the tool will always show that property first if there are available rooms.  But now you are also free to find other cool venues that can handle your event, where you don’t have to worry about room blocks.[/boc_side_icon_box][boc_side_icon_box title=”Give your attendees choice” animated=”yes” icon=”icon icon-helm”]Your attendees have their own preferences.  Some want to be close, some want to stay with their favorite brand, others want something higher (or lower) end or they want to stay in a condo or private home.  With TripProximity, you can meet all of their needs.

We offer a best price hotel guarantee for attendees.  If they book using the tool and then show us a lower published rate elsewhere, we will refund 110% of the difference, no questions asked.[/boc_side_icon_box][boc_spacing][boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”]

[boc_heading] What’s in it for you? [/boc_heading]
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Be a game changer and set yourself apart from your peers


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We give you 1% cash back from hotel and car bookings on a quarterly basis.
If you turn on the Smart Trip or Smart Map widget for all of your clients, we share an extra 1%.


[boc_accordion_section rounded=”yes” with_bgr=”yes” border=”yes”][boc_accordion title=”Better Customer Service”]

When someone needs to travel to an event or to a venue, it takes time to plan.  You can make life easier for your customers and those that travel to see them.


[boc_accordion_section][boc_accordion title=”Give Back”]

Solutionz donates 1% of gross hotel and car sales annually to your charity of choice.
If you are a non-profit, we donate 2.5%, which is 5x what you get from Amazon Smile™.


[boc_spacing][boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”][boc_heading]What else can I do with Smart Events? [/boc_heading]

Each trade show participant can have their own smart trip tool promoting their company, with their logo.

Each speaker can have their own smart trip tool with their picture, inviting their network of colleagues and friends to “Join Me”.

For a multi-venue event, you can have a separate widget for each location, as often there is one hotel that is closer and more convenient.

[boc_side_icon_box title=”Give each speaker and exhibitor a new way to promote their participation” icon=”icon icon-magnifying-glass”]With the smart events tool, you can have a landing page for each of your speakers and each of your exhibitors and they or their PR team can send a “Join me” message to their network, with a built in call to action.  That includes giving the individual the ability to find an available hotel right nearby the event and to get driving directions, optional car rental and airfare.[/boc_side_icon_box][boc_side_icon_box title=”We track the influence of each exhibitor and speaker so you don’t have to” icon=”icon icon-magic-wand”]If they share with their network and people travel to the event, you win.  And we track that win!  Our analytics will show who shared the most with their network and who drove the most out of town attendees.[/boc_side_icon_box]
[boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”][boc_heading] If you are an Event Tech Company we have a Dynamic Tool for your system [/boc_heading]

If you are ready to get started as an Enterprise Client, click the REGISTER button.  Once you’ve completed the process one of our Account Management team will be in touch with you to configure your Smart Trip tool and get it integrated into your platform.

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