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Leverage the travel of your donor database and corporate sponsors to fundraise for your non-profit!

Turn your every day travelers into passionate philanthropists.

Giving is good for the soul.  And travel is something that most everyone can get passionate about.  Combining giving and traveling is a powerful force.  And best of all:  YOU TRAVEL.  WE GIVE.

Did you know the average American takes 4.6 trips per year and stays 1.2 nights!  If you had a donor or corporate sponsor database of just 1,000 people that booked those trips through your travel tool, that could mean over $20,000 in donations to your non-profit!

How the CLICK | TRAVEL | GIVE program works.

  • Get your free tool and customize it for your organization
  • Insert the tool on your website, blog, social media pages, email campaigns in minutes
  • Get marketing support from our team
  • With every completed booking we donate 35% of our revenues to your charity

Its an innovative and easy way to combine the joy of travel with the blessing of giving! If you want to get more information and your own FREE tool, please complete the form.