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To learn more about TravelingToGive and the various ways that you can utilize the Smart Giving tool on your website or blog or hosted on our site to benefit your charity of choice, click on the image.

In the section at the bottom of the page are the terms.  You can read online or you can print out. And if you want to discuss your opportunity with us, there is a way to schedule a call.

If you are ready to get started as a Non-Profit Client, click the REGISTER button below.  Once you’ve completed the process one of our Account Management team will be in touch with you to activate  your Smart Giving tool.


TravelingToGive Non-Profit Agreement

Upon use of the Smart Tools, which occurs when installing the code snippet, or using the hosted version on one of our sites, the Parties agree to our then current Privacy and General Terms and Conditions.

These additional terms for our service provision are outlined between SOLUTIONZ GROUP, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (“we” or “our”); and the non-profit organization (“you”) activating the TravelingToGive™ smart trip tools and/or our family of Productivity Tools powered by the patent pending TripProximity™ platform (collectively known as “the Smart Tools”).  This document does not convey ownership of our Intellectual Property.  Any terms unique to your organization will be covered in a separate Term Sheet.

1. Services

The Smart Tools and our marketing programs may be used for your donors, event attendees, volunteers, staff (personal travel), board and friends and family of any of your supporters.

NOTE:    If your staff does not have to use a prescribed travel solution (travel agency, travel management company or online tool), the smart giving tool may also be used for your staff travel, but it is not a requirement.

Your Account Director will assist you with initial activation of your first tool(s) and the Click | Travel | Give marketing program for your TravelingToGive implementation.  Following initial activation, your Account Director will deliver to you a login to the Self-Service Portal for your unlimited use of our Smart Tools.

The portal allows 24×7 access for building and editing of tools for integration into your enterprise platforms, websites and applications (“Implementation”).  It also allows you access to your dashboard, which reflects the activity for your Smart Tools.  Viewing and search statistics are real time.  Booking statistics are updated nightly.

2. Brand

The default brand for the SmartGiving™ booking system for all travel transactions will be TravelingToGive.com.  There is no fee for using the TravelingToGive brand for the travel results shown from the use of our various Smart Trip Tools.

This brand is a part of the Solutionz brand family.  The Smart Trip Tools are powered by the patent pending TripProximity smart trip technology.  For the purpose of this Agreement, the use of the TravelingToGive brand is interchangeable for SmartGiving and the use of our Click | Travel | Give program.  Any deviation from the use of our brands, must be coordinated with your Account Director.

Should you elect to use your own custom brand for the booking system, you must first complete 100 bookings using the TravelingToGive brand.  There is then a one-time fee of $1200.  The implementation timeframe can be 4-6 weeks, as determined by our inventory system partner(s).

3. Philanthropic Donation

If you are a registered with the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as a philanthropic organization (501c3), we will make a monthly donation equal to 25% of total consumed booking revenues.  For planning purposes, that is roughly equivalent to 2.5% cash back on the gross hotel and car rental sales amount.  The donation on air is 25% of our service fee on airline tickets, which averages to $3 USD per ticket.  For group bookings, our revenues vary.  We will share 25% of our actual revenues from group bookings.

For non-profits that fit into our special donation categories, see your individual term sheet for the donation terms.

4.License Fees

Standard License

Solutionz has an annual license fee of $36 for the Gold Level for our Smart Tools.

Solutionz has an annual license fee of $384 for the Platinum Level for our Smart Tools.

For the balance of 2023, our non-profit accounts are upgraded automatically to Platinum and the annual fee is waived for 501c3 organizations.

The license provides non-transferrable, unlimited access to the portal and an unlimited number of tools, including the dynamic tool and static versions of the Venue, Event and Anywhere (fund raising) tools.  All Smart Trip Tools have access to a map on the default I’m Staying (hotel) and on the I’m Driving (directions and car rental) tabs.

Optional MAP View

Our Platinum Level accounts have the rights to use the Smart MAP version of our tools.  The license fee covers the API calls to our mapping provider.  This fee is waived for each year that your Implementation exceeds 120 bookings.  There is NO fee for the Smart MAP version if you provide your own Google API Key and the fee is waived for 501c3 organizations.

Optional Smart Snapshot (currently in beta)

When clients are upgraded to our Platinum Level they gain the ability to utilize our customized Smart Snapshot tool.  This allows curation of your own concierge content to augment the trip planning capabilities or to use as a stand-alone visual navigation tool for your website or social media.  The tool allows clients to link to content on their website, social media, video sites, partner sites and blog.  The Concierge tab can be the front tab on the tool if desired or you can suppress all of the trip planning tabs and having just the visual navigation of the Concierge curated content.

5. Low-Rate Guarantee

If an End User finds a lower rate on another website for the same hotel, room, and date within 24 hours of booking, we will match the lower rate and pay the End User 110% of the difference, as set out in the General Terms.

6. Support

We agree to:

  • Automatically promote non-profit referrals to Level 2
  • Appoint a dedicated Account Director to coordinate all communication and support requests, with a quarterly review and recommendations based on performance;
  • Conduct an onboard Implementation Plan meeting;
  • Provide final testing assistance of your Implementation; and
  • Provide ongoing support and 99.95% availability of the Smart Tool technology, which powers TravelingToGive.

These benefits are updated from time to time.

7. Your Obligations

You agree to:

(1)     Provide appropriate technical support to implement TravelingToGive within 15 days of the Implementation Plan meeting;

(2)     Provide appropriate marketing support to promote use of TravelingToGive, including honoring our Brand Guide (which will be provided at your implementation meeting);

(3)     Participate with your Account Director in quarterly reviews to expand the promotion and adoption of the Implementation;

(4)     Use TravelingToGive as your exclusive online booking tool for hotel, air, car rentals, and related travel services (for non-staff travel); and

(5)     If satisfied with TravelingToGive after 90 days of use, provide a testimonial and logo for display on our websites and internal marketing.

8. General Terms

You agree this agreement will also be governed by the non-negotiable Privacy and General Terms required by our hotel inventory providers at http://solutionz.com/legal. Words in this Agreement have meanings as set in the General Terms.

9. Term

This Agreement has a renewable term of one year and includes termination provisions as set in the General Terms.

10. Entire Agreement

This Agreement, together with the General Terms and Privacy Agreements, represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding TravelingToGive. If there is any conflict between this Agreement and the General Terms, the former will prevail.

Upon use of the Smart Tools, which occurs when installing the code snippet, or using the hosted version on one of our sites, the Parties agree to our then current Privacy and General Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all TripProximity™ non-profit users.

They go into effect once the user implements one or more of our Smart Trip Widgets on their site or blog, and if they utilize them on one of our hosted sites.


Upon use of the Smart Tools, which occurs when installing the code snippet, or using the hosted version on one of our sites, the Parties agree to our then current Privacy and General Terms and Conditions.  Click on image above to view.

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