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To learn more about TravelingToGive and the various ways that you can utilize the SmartGiving tool on your website, blog or Facebook page to benefit your charity of choice, click on the image.

In the section at the bottom of the page are the terms.  You can read online or you can print out. And if you want to discuss your opportunity with us, there is a way to schedule a call.

If you are ready to get started as a Non-Profit Client, click the REGISTER button below.  Once you’ve completed the process one of our Account Management team will be in touch with you to activate  your Smart Giving tool.

Schedule Call

If you would like to schedule a call to talk about your opportunity, click on the scheduling tool.

These terms and conditions are applicable to all TripProximity™ non-profit users.

They go into effect once the user implements one or more of our Smart Trip Widgets on their site or blog, and if they utilize them on one of our hosted sites.

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