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TravelingToGive Enterprise Services Agreement

Upon use of the Smart Tools, which occurs when installing the code , or using the hosted version of any of our Smart Tools, the Parties agree to our then current Privacy and General Terms and Conditions.

These additional terms for our service provision are outlined between SOLUTIONZ GROUP, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (“we” or “our”); and the non-profit organization (“you”) activating the TravelingToGive™ Smart Tools and/or our family of sales enablement tools powered by the patent pending TripProximity™ platform (collectively known as “the Smart Tools”).

This document does not convey ownership of our Intellectual Property. Any terms unique to your organization will be covered in a separate Term Sheet.

1- Services:

We will deliver to you the Smart Tools for integration into your enterprise platforms, websites and applications (“Implementation”), which are subject to our Privacy and General Terms and Conditions.
Your Solutionz team will assist you with initial activation of your first tool(s), provide the Click | Travel | Give marketing assets for your TravelingToGive implementation and access to the Creative Toolkit and Knowledge Base. Following initial activation, your Solutionz Team will deliver to you a login to the Partner Portal (“portal”) for your unlimited use of the Smart Tools you are eligible to use determined by your subscribed level of service.
The portal allows 24×7×365 access for building and editing of the Smart Tools for integration into your enterprise platforms, websites and applications (“Implementation”). It also allows you access to your dashboard, which reflects the activity for your Smart Tools. Viewing and search statistics are real time. Booking statistics are updated nightly at 12am EST.

2- Brand:

The default brand for the SmartGiving™ booking system for all travel transactions will be TravelingToGive.com. The use of the TravelingToGive brand is included in your license fees.
This brand is a part of the Solutionz brand family. The Smart Tools are powered by the patent pending TripProximity smart trip technology. For the purpose of this Agreement, the use of the TravelingToGive brand is interchangeable for SmartGiving and the use of our Click | Travel | Give program. Any deviation from the use of our brands, must be coordinated with the Solutionz Team.
Should you desire to use your own custom brand for the booking system, please reach out to the Solutionz team.

3- Referral:

We will pay you a 5% royalty in the frequency defined based on your contracted level for each consumed booking made by customers you refer to Solutionz once royalties exceed $100, including:
  1. Base Royalty of 10% of booking revenues;
  2. Opt-Out referral client Bonus of 10% on Base Royalty paid or an opt-out basis is applied to all referral clients.

4- Philanthropic Donation:

We will make an monthly donation in your name to a qualified 501c3 or another tax deductible philanthropic organization of your choice equal to 10% of total consumed booking revenues. If you elect to waive the base royalty and contribute the benefit from bookings made on your site(s), we will donate 25% to your registered philanthropic charity of choice or 50% to a registered philanthropic organization that supports human trafficking or Veterans quarterly.

5- License Fees:

Standard License Solutionz license fee can be paid monthly or annually for for-profit companies and your negotiated fees can be found in your term sheet.
The license fee provides non-transferrable, unlimited access to the Partner Portal and Smart Tools based on the products and services described at https://solutionz.com/levels/

6- Low-Rate Guarantee:

If an traveler finds a lower rate on another website for the same hotel, room, and date within 24 hours of booking, we will match the lower rate and pay the End User 110% of the difference, as set out in the General Terms.

7- Support:

We agree to
  1. Provide implementation support based on the level of service and implementation package chosen described at https://solutionz.com/levels/;
  2. Provide ongoing support and 99.95% availability of the TravelingToGive systems, including our Smart Tools and Portal.

8- Your Obligations:

You agree to:
  1. Provide appropriate technical support to implement TravelingToGive within 15 days of the Implementation Plan meeting;
  2. Comply with our Brand Guide and provide appropriate marketing support to promote use of TravelingToGive;
  3. Participate with the Solutionz Team in quarterly reviews to expand the promotion and adoption of the Implementation;
  4. Use TravelingToGive as your exclusive online booking tool for hotel, air, car rentals, and related travel services (for non-staff travel); and
  5. If satisfied with TravelingToGive after 90 days of use, provide a testimonial and logo for display on our websites and internal marketing.

9- Intellectual Property Rights:

We either own or license all intellectual property rights in TravelingToGive and the patent pending TripProximity platform and this Agreement does not give you any ownership interest.

10- General Terms:

You agree this agreement will also be governed by the non-negotiable Privacy and General Terms required by our hotel inventory providers at http://solutionz.com/legal. Words in this Agreement have meanings as set in the General Terms.

11- Term:

This Agreement has a renewable term of one year and and two year and includes termination provisions as set in the General Terms.

12- Entire Agreement:

This Agreement, together with the General Terms, represents the entire agreement between the parties regarding TravelingToGive. If there is any conflict between this Agreement and the General Terms, the former will prevail.

(Updated March 2024)