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[boc_heading] Live Smart Trip Tool for Jackson Health [/boc_heading]
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There is no long term commitment for use of the TripProximity tool.   There are terms and conditions that describe our relationship and prior to registering to become a non-profit client, it is important to understand the terms.

Click below  to review and register.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

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Stan Liberatore

VP Client Solutions

813-925-0789 6

We have a team here at Solutionz Innovations to help you not only implement our Smart Trip Tool, but to look at how to provide the highest level of service to your patients and their loved ones who are there to support them through their health challenges.

Stan will lead the charge internally, so you don’t have to navigate our organization to get things done.  Chicke Fitzgerald, our founder, will project manage the implementation personally.

The balance of this document shows you how the Smart Trip Tool works and which versions we recommend for your website.  If you host fund raising events in the future, we can also give you a custom event tool to support those that might travel to the event.

[boc_spacing height=”0px”][boc_divider divider_color=”#eeeeee”][boc_spacing height=”0px”][boc_heading]Click on the items to view the detail in each category [/boc_heading][boc_tabs type=”vertical” minimal_style=”yes”][boc_tab title=”How can you use the Smart Trip Tool” icon=”icon icon-flag2″][boc_accordion_section with_bgr=”yes” border=”yes”][boc_accordion title=”The Audience – The Support Network” is_open=”yes”]When you look at a hospital website as a communication vehicle, it has two main audiences.  The first is the patient who needs to select a care facility or whose doctor has told them that he will be using your facility and they need to learn about what the experience will be for their treatment.  And the second is to help those who are supporting them, to get them by their side as quickly and painlessly as possible.

TripProximity serves this second purpose, providing a map, driving directions and if needed hotels nearby, car rental and air for those friends and family members that are coming from out of town to support your patient.  Even patients that have never been to one of your facilities need the map and often the driving directions.

Those that come in to support your patient are often out of your “field of vision”.  They are the 1000+ friends and family members every 24 hours that receive a call when someone shows up at your emergency rooms.   They are the ones that come when a friend or family member goes into labor.  They come to be there for chemo and radiation or to be there for a complicated surgery.  They are the support that is called in when there is a terminal diagnosis.  When the doctor or social worker or chaplain leaves the hospital room, the calls are made to this audience.

Having a simple VISIT US button with a URL structure where the smart trip tool is located for each facility is the first step in communicating simply and easily to the support network.

[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Communications Plan”]When there is a situation that warrants bringing in others for support,  the family is rarely sitting at a computer.

Local family and friends are in the patient’s room, or in the waiting area on the floor or in the emergency room, discussing when to call in the out of town friends and family for support.   For the person that gets that call, after getting the news, they may indeed visit your website or their first stop may be calling your main phone line.

This can be a very stressful situation and TripProximity can help get friends and family to the patient’s side with minimal hassle.   

In each of these situations, providing a simple way to navigate to the TripProximity tool on your site is foundational to your communications plan.

  1.  We recommend a simple URL structure, such as adding “visitus” to the end of your facility home page URL.  Then, that can be added to a graphic like the one to the right.
  2. Next is ensuring that your phone operators, your emergency room and nursing staff and your counseling team are aware of this link that can be communicated via text, email or even over the phone to those that need to come in.
  3. That graphic can be printed on magnets for the white board in the room and can be printed in the form of business cards that can be given out by the social worker and chaplain staff and placed around the hospital.  Each facility would have it’s own link.

Solutionz is by your side every step of the way, helping to craft the internal and external communications plan.[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”The Capabilities”]Click on the image to download the Getting Started Guide for your locations.  This can be useful for socializing the capabilities of the widget with your team and your clients.


[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Coordination and Project Management”]Solutionz is committed to ensuring that each area of your organization is informed and comfortable with the implementation of TripProximity.  We will work with your point person to ensure a smooth rollout.

[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”To raise money for your foundation”]Our Smart Giving anywhere tool can be used by Jackson Health to raise money for your Foundation. With the use of the Smart Giving tool by any of your individual or corporate donors, on a quarterly basis, we will donate 25% of our gross revenues from bookings made using the tool.

Each individual widget can be a separate campaign for a different campaign, so for your Guardian of the Children luncheon or any other fund raiser you can set it up to benefit your Foundation.


We can host this page on TravelingToGive, which comes with its own referral button.  If any of your donors (individual or corporate)  choose to build their own tool, all of their travel will benefit Jackson Health Foundation.

CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO SEE THE LIVE TOOL ON OUR DEMO SITE[/boc_accordion][/boc_accordion_section][/boc_tab][boc_tab title=”Marketing Smart Trip Planning” icon=”icon icon-plugin”][boc_accordion_section rounded=”yes” with_bgr=”yes”][boc_accordion title=”Press Release Draft”]We will work with you to write a press release once you have launched the product.[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Announcement to your Client Base”]We will work with you to craft an announcement to families and the care network for your patients that highlights all of the benefits.  We recommend that you review this with your Patient services team, both for your patients and family members or friends that may come in to support their treatment and hopefully their recovery.[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Recommended Help Text”]We will write the help and FAQ text for your site as it relates to the use of the smart trip tool.[/boc_accordion][/boc_accordion_section][/boc_tab][boc_tab title=”Your Portal” icon=”icon icon-presentation”][boc_accordion_section rounded=”yes” with_bgr=”yes”][boc_accordion title=”Introduction to your Portal” is_open=”yes”]Once you register as a non-profit client, you will receive an invitation to your TripProximity Portal.

This toolkit allows you to view the real time stats for your tools, create new ones, manage those that you have created, estimate donations from new programs like using our TravelingtoGive tool for your donors.

We will provide training on the use of the portal and assist you in creating new widgets and also palette templates.[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Dynamic Widget and Customization”]You have the choice of using the individual widgets that we have already configured for each of your facilities or using our dynamic tool.  Once you have registered, for each of the widgets, you may go on the portal and grab the code snippet for that facility.  It takes literally minutes to plug it in to your site.



If you prefer to use the dynamic widget and plug it in once and pull the data from the page where it is installed, this is also very simple and just requires a short script.  For information about customizing the tool, click HERE.[/boc_accordion][/boc_accordion_section][/boc_tab][boc_tab title=”Brand Choices” icon=”icon icon-heart3″][boc_accordion_section rounded=”yes” with_bgr=”yes”][boc_accordion title=”What brands can I choose from for the booking system that the traveler sees?”]Depending on how you implement the widget, you may have a different need for targeted messaging in the booking system.

We recommend that you use TheHotelsNearbyHospitals.  Or if you are designating all of the upside from using the widget to the Foundation, you can use TravelingToGive.[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Private Label Branding”]Can we use our own brand?  Absolutely!

For a one time fee of $1500 you can provide your own header artwork to us for the booking back end.[/boc_accordion][/boc_accordion_section][/boc_tab][boc_tab title=”Unique Aspects of the Integration” icon=”icon icon-plugin”][boc_accordion_section rounded=”yes” with_bgr=”yes”][boc_accordion title=”External System Interaction”]The TripProximity widget interacts with the following systems:

  • Google Places for lookup of the venues and addresses in the address field
  • Google Maps for lookup of the latitude/longitude of any address

Once the input from the widget is received, we pass a search string to our booking system.  It contains:

  • Brand to be displayed in the booking system
  • Travel parameters
  • Tracking information to provide reporting back to you for each client

[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”CSS”]The widget has its own style sheet that governs the display of the widget within a container.


[/boc_accordion][boc_accordion title=”Rules for Display”]The widget can be populated with event and venue information, as well as contact information.  Ideally, the widget needs the full address to do a lookup of the hotels nearby.

If you only have a city/state, we recommend that you use the conditional map field to display the map with city/state, but to prompt the user to use the Google Places functionality to look up the name of the organization, venue or street address of the place that they are going.

The date fields for events can be coupled with a business rule.  For instance if you have an event that begins before noon, you may want to set the date of arrival to 1 day before the event begins.  If the event ends after 3pm, you may want to set the date of departure to 1 day after the event.

Just a reminder, even if there is no address or a partial address (city/state), our new widget with the GooglePlaces lookup can find the precise address of the venue or company that they are visiting (even a Starbucks or TopGolf! or finding a hotel near someone’s house that works from home).[/boc_accordion][/boc_accordion_section][/boc_tab][/boc_tabs][boc_tabs type=”vertical” minimal_style=”yes”][/boc_tabs][boc_spacing height=”40px”]

For any other details regarding widget customization, please access the Support Center.

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