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Why should I consider adding integrated trip planning to my amusement park site?

If you own or operate amusement parks, you will know that out of the hundreds of thousands of visitors that come to your parks, that some percentage of those come from out of town and need to find a place to stay.  That percentage, no matter how small, translates to money that you are leaving on the table.

Adding our free plug and play trip planning widget to your site makes it easier for guests to get to you, whether they are local or from out of town.

  • Allow guests to find available hotels nearby that meet their own spending and brand criteria
  • Provide customized driving directions and estimated driving time to your locations (89% of all travel in the US is by car)
  • Optionally allow the guest to rent a car
  • to optionally allow the guest to purchase an airline ticket (11% of all travel in the US is by air)

As an attraction, you may see yourself as an adjunct to someone’s trip planning, rather than as the anchor.  Imagine if you shift that thinking and your marketing, then you can encourage your visitors to book their hotel near you and use you as a base for any other things that they do in the area.   You may even come up with opportunities to develop new ways of luring them back in later in their trip!  We’d love to help you.


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Where should I stay

Add a VISIT US page to your site and improve your service to your guests

While most websites have a map or driving directions, very few have an effective VISIT US page with a way for your guests to find an available hotel near you, fitting their budget and brand preferences. With TripProximity, you can embed our integrated trip planning widget on your website in minutes and you can not only provide a more complete service to your visitors, but you can also be eligible for earning a royalty on the booking activity that happens on your site.  We register you for that opportunity seamlessly and we let you know when you have qualified as a PRO TripProximity user.

You provide a valuable service and one stop shopping, without having to go and negotiate with hotels for rates and rooms, as we already have access to hotel inventory at over 600,000 hotel properties worldwide.  We provide phone support to your guests 24 x 7 x 365 in over 40 languages.

Add Incremental Revenue

In fact, for those that purchase a ticket on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, you can prompt your guests to “Make it a Weekend” and even for locals, perhaps you can sell them multiple day passes, instead of just a single day.  Either way, you win.  We can also work with your ticketing provider to integrate hotel booking as an add on to the ticket purchase.   If we receive more than 10 bookings a quarter from your website (or blogs or HTML emails), we will automatically make you a TripProximity Pro partner and send you a royalty check.

Giving Back one Visit at a Time

At the end of the year, if you have achieved the TripProximity Pro partner level, we will donate 10% of the gross revenues from bookings made on your site(s) to your charity of choice.  This can add up quickly.  We will ensure that the charity knows that the donation is being made in your name and you can feel free to use our TravelingtoGIVE™ branding in your marketing materials.

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If you would like to get the TripProximity widget for your location and add a VISIT US page to your website, the good news is that you can build it yourself.  Just click here and if you need any help along the way, just set up a call with us by clicking the image to the right or by chatting with us during business hours online (see lower right of this screen).

If you have questions or you have multiple facilities and want our Enterprise dynamic widget to plug into your website, please set up a call with us and we’ll get you going right away.