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FullContact Event Widget

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The TripProximity widget dynamically fills in the address and likely dates of travel (easily edited by traveler) based on the event date.  This means one click hotel search and availability with live booking
Create a seamless experience to travelers coming your way.

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Event attendees can also get driving directions from wherever they are starting (versus from an airport or city center) and if they need a car or air ticket, can purchase it right from the event site.

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Last year I attended FullContact’s Connect conference.  It was SO easy.  I registered and on the same site there was a tool that allowed me to find available hotels nearby the event venue with a single click of a button.  I even had the option to prepay and get a discount, or pay when I checked out, with free cancellation.

In the past, I would have had to write down (or copy) the venue name and date, look at a Google Map, view the prices for the hotels nearby, but then would have to drill down into each property to see how to book it.  There are often as many as a half a dozen options.  Then once you know it, if you’ve booked it, you can’t remember who you booked it with.

With the Connect Conference smart trip tool, I can pull up my itinerary right from the Connect website.


[boc_heading html_element=”h5″]Check out the live tool for Connect 19 and experience the magic of integrated smart trip planning/strong> [/boc_heading]

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For the 2018 conference, a whopping 39% of those that viewed the widget did a search.  And the conversion rate to booking on searches was 4.7%.  This is 4x the national average for travel bookings.


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This widget was built to allow those attending your Connect conference an easy way to plan their trip.  It is also a good way to introduce them to the Smart Trip tool that will be integrated as a part of your contact management tool.

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