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FullContact Event widget for Dossier (enterprise, dynamic tool)

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The Dossier user adds an item to their calendar.  It might be a meeting, it might be a wedding or it may just be the monthly visit to see her parents in Idaho at the senior care center.

Rather than having to remember to book a hotel, which she has been known to forget, the smart trip widget is right there in the Dossier, so she snags a room at the hotel right across the street.  She’ll get a good night’s sleep, breakfast is included in the rate and she can walk across the street to the meeting, keeping costs low.  Since she’s meeting with a really hot prospect and managed to get everyone that she needs in the meeting, she is grateful for the Dossier on those attendees.

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[boc_spacing][boc_heading html_element=”h3″]Dossier Status: INSTALLED January 2018 [/boc_heading]
  • The product was initially installed as a TEXT LINK with the widget displayed upon click of the link.  The implementation took just a few hours, including testing.
  • Solutionz informed the team that this would be all but invisible and in late April presented the statistics that supported a move from a link to full display of the expanded tool.
  • In May, FullContact agreed to install the widget beneath the meeting information.
  • Since the move, the monthly views of the tool increased from an average of 83 per month to 701 per month
  • As the user base is still very small, this volume is not enough to produce significant booking activity
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The smart trip tool that is implemented on the Dossier system by FullContact is our Dynamic Event widget.  FullContact passes the variables from the user’s calendar to us in real time, resulting in a customized trip planning tool for each meeting.

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