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Common questions
about our Smart Tools

Deciding to use Smart Trip Tools

The smart trip technology is powered by the patent pending TripProximity™ platform.

The SmartTrip and SmartEvents tools let your visitors easily check availability and book a room at hotels nearby your venue or event.

The SmartGiving tool allows trip planning to any location, anywhere, for any reason.

Any of the tools also gives the traveler driving directions and optional car rental or air tickets and a map of the destination.  The user can also customize the Concierge information, which by default includes trip support information, cool trip tools and alternative transportation information.

Great question.  Our founder has been in the travel technology industry since 1982 and literally wrote the book on global travel distribution.  When she formed Solutionz in 1996, it was to turn the industry on its head not only from the technology side of things, but also on the business model angle.  As a result:

Our tools are smarter than other travel tools.

  • We find lodging nearby your true destination, not just a city or an airport.  That saves time when the traveler gets to their destination.  #proximitymatters
  • We embed our tools easily into the sites and systems that travelers use regularly – where they realize that they need to travel #simplicitymatters
  • Did you know that 89% of all travel in the US is by car?  We give you the ability to calculate driving time and directions and even figure out the gas cost if you choose to drive.  You can also rent a car and drive from your starting point, versus every trip including an air ticket  #choicematters
  • We save your team time so they don’t have to answer the question “where should I stay” when visiting you or attending your event.  #timematters

    Our business model is crazy smart.

  • Companies that give more, make more.  We give a minimum of 10% of our gross revenues to the charity or cause of choice of our clients.  #givingmatters
  • We also provide a royalty revenue stream to our clients, which is 10% of our gross revenues.  For our enterprise clients, there is also a bonus if they turn our product on for all of their clients. In addition to this, if they refer us to others, we provide a referral revenue royalty for the first year’s revenues to our channel partner.  #revenuematters
  • We guarantee the lowest price on lodging.  We are backed by the world’s largest inventory aggregator and we are confident that we will always have the lowest published price and we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.  #lowestpricematters

Yes you can!   There are multiple uses.

  • We are an ideal VISIT US page for your company’s website for those that are coming to visit you.  Just select our SmartTrip tool and create one for each location that you have.
  • If you have company events, we can power those events with the SmartEvent tool.
  • If you do not have a travel agent, you can use our tool for your team’s travels.  You can use our Travel to Anywhere version of the tool and set it up either for each traveler or for each client/project.

Just set up time to talk to us by clicking on CONTACT US.

Yes you can!

We are the perfect tool for the VISIT US page of a venue website for those needing a hotel nearby.

  • If you currently have a list of hotels nearby, just replace it with our Venue Centric Smart Trip Tool.
  • If you currently have a map showing where you are located, with our Level 3 product, you can replace it with our SmartMap, which also has all of the features of the Smart Trip tool, but with a MAP facing front instead of the I’m Staying tab.

If you also host events, with our Level 2 product, you can use our SmartEvents tool and earn a royalty and a donation on every trip booked using that tool.

Absolutely.  You can either install it on a page on your website or blog or we can host it for you.   This would use our Anywhere tool.

Later in 2023 we will be releasing our Browser Extension, which will allow you to search for a hotel nearby anything that you search for in your browser.

Yes absolutely!  The Smart Giving tool is designed for any organization (for profit or not-for-profit) that wishes to donate 25% of the gross revenues earned from the use of the tool to their charity or cause of choice.

By selecting Smart Giving when you set up your tool, you automatically opt in to the 25% donation model.

The SmartMap tool has all of the capabilities of the SmartTrip tool, but with the MAP facing front.  It is commonly used to replace a basic map on a website.

Level 1

As a Level 1 client, you will have two types of SmartTrip tools to choose from:

  • Venue tool for travel to a specific place (such as your company or organization’s offices)
  • Travel to Anywhere (literally anywhere in the world for any reason at any time)

Level 2

Once you reach 10 bookings, you will automatically be upgraded to Level 2, which opens up the SmartEvents tool, which is for travel to a specific event at a specific location on a specific date.  You also get to select your own charity with the SmartGiving tool.

Level 3

At level 3, you will have the ability to add our SmartMap tool, which has all of the features of our SmartTrip and SmartEvent tools, but has the map page front facing.  This can replace the use of any map on your site.  It should take the same footprint.

You also get to take advantage of our Smart Navigation and Smart Portfolio tools, which are our tools that do not have the travel elements embedded.  Think of it as a Concierge for your network, to provide them with smart links to content anywhere on the internet.  The first one is designed for products or services for a company and the second one is for individuals to show your portfolio (social media, products, services).

Yes, we call it our Channel Partner program.  We have a dedicated person on our executive team that manages our Channel Partners and provides training to help you maximize your revenue stream.

With our hotel reservations, you can sort by specific amenities to include breakfast. Please read the descriptions carefully as not all hotels offer free breakfast. If you have any questions about the amenities listed for your particular hotel you can call them directly. The hotel phone number is listed on your confirmation page.

No, we do not support multi-level marketing.  But we do have a simple referral program if you are not at the level where our channel partner program is right for you.

If you simply want to give a referral link to a friend or another organization, we can also give you that link.  We have it for organizations and if you would like to track the referrals from each person in your organization, we have that as well.  You can find your referral link in your Account Record on the Portal.

Every booking your referred accounts make for their first year will accrue back to you and you will get 10% of their gross revenues earned, paid quarterly.

Unlike multi-level marketing, if your referral refers someone else, they get the referral credit and royalties.


The simple answer is that your revenues and any donations to your charity or cause of choice are directly proportionate to the bookings that come through your use of our smart trip tools.  The more people you reach, the more money/donations you will make.

There are two financial models to choose from when looking at the benefits of using TravelingToGive™.  As a for-profit entity, you can choose either model.

For Profit Partners – Royalty + Donation

Our “for-profit” partners (which include companies, individuals or groups) have a two pronged financial benefit from TravelingToGive.  With this model you can EARN and GIVE.  Just select our SmartTrip or SmartEvent tools.

First is a royalty.  For those that have booked at least 10 bookings with us, you will be automatically upgraded to Level 2, where we share 10% of our gross revenues with you as a royalty.  This is paid quarterly, with a $100 minimum.  Once you have booked 75 bookings in a 3 month period, we will auto-upgrade you to Level 3, where you will be paid monthly.

For all Level 2 and 3 clients, if you have an engagement rate of 4.6% or more (trackable 24/7 on your Dashboard in the Portal), we have an additional 10% bonus to acknowledge that volume.  Engagement can be directly impacted by how you place the tool on your site.  We will help you with best practices there to get the highest rate possible.

If you are an enterprise client and have embedded our tools into your system, if you turn on our capabilities for all of your customers and give them a way to turn it off (known as OPT OUT), we will give you an additional 10% bonus, on top of the base royalty.

Our for-profit partners also receive a donation in their name from Solutionz to their charity or cause of choice.  That is 10% of the total gross revenues from bookings, paid annually.

Non- Profit – Donation Only

Our non-profit partners do not get the royalty, but we more than double our contribution.  We donate a minimum of 25% to their 501c3.  This is 5x what Amazon Smile donates.

For charities that serve veterans or help to eradicate human slavery, we double that donation.

We have a number of ways that we can help socialize the benefits of TravelingToGive within your organization to help you with getting your internal team all on the same page.

The best way is to share our onboarding process and some of our campaigns that have been successful with other clients.  We have found that a simple call to action is best, with a graphical element that best portrays your organization’s brand and personality, because it isn’t about our brand, it is about you.

Here are a few images that are a part of our implementation library.

Bottom line, is that we are not just a tech provider, we are a marketing partner and we will work with your internal (or external) marketing team to come up with the most successful rollout for you!


We have a robust Privacy policy (click the image to access).

Our Smart Tools are unique in that we do not capture ANY personal information in the tool itself.  Once the user is ready to book, their information is treated with the utmost care and is subject to the most stringent privacy in the world, based on that of the EU.



Our general terms and conditions are applicable to anyone that builds and uses one of our Smart Tools.  We do not require our clients to sign an agreement, but when the portal is used, the user agrees to these terms.

We have a best price guarantee on all lodging booked on the system.  If after booking the traveler finds a cheaper rate for the same room on the same date at the same property on a publicly available site (not a corporate rate or other private rate requiring login), we will pay the user 110% of the difference.

No that is not necessary.  We offer 24 x 7 x 365 support in 40 languages and you can also change or cancel most bookings online.  The Concierge page has this information on every new tool created.

Absolutely.  This is a perfect way to use our tool.   If you have just one location you can install our tool right on your VISIT US or CONTACT US page.

If you have more than one location, we recommend that you add our MAP icon to the list and then create a landing page or pop up for each location.  That way each location will have their own unique URL, which can be shared with travelers to that location.

Without a doubt.  It would take less than an hour to deploy our dynamic tool on your site.  Contact us and we will set up time to talk about the best way to deploy our tools.

Our Enterprise Clients are required to upgrade to Level 3, which is $40 per month, but that gets you an unlimited license to all of our tools.  It also gets you free implementation assistance from our technical team, with no implementation fees.

Please speak with our sales team, we are willing to grandfather your account in with the fees waived if your company can implement the product in a timely manner.

Once you have booked 10 hotel, car and/or air bookings on our tools, you are automatically eligible to earn royalties.  You can also pay $5 per month to immediately upgrade to Level 2, which also gets you access to our Smart Events tools.

Yes, we have lodging, car and air booking information globally.

That includes over 1 million properties in 155,000 destinations in 220 countries and territories.  We have more than 46 million hotel images, room-type photos, and more than 182 million reviews from verified guests.

More than just hotel rooms

We have thousands of homes, apartments and unique places to stay.

Flexible rate options

We offer a variety of payment options, prepaid rooms or pay on checkout.  The cancellation policies on pre-paid rooms are set by the individual hotels and if the system shows non-refundable, this is enforced by the hotel.  We recommend travel insurance if there is any question about whether you will be able to travel or not.

Yes, definitely.   Each consultant can have their own tool, which allows them to put in their travel preferences.  You can also have a tool for each of your clients or your own locations where you have team that travels to those locations.

We can host the tools or you can use our dynamic tool to trip enable lists of individuals or companies or locations.

You can look at Solutionz as your marketing partner.  Our implementation team will help you with how to rollout and communicate with your network about the tools.

Our level 3 clients are given 8 hours of marketing support per month.  They also have a Client Success team member assigned to work with your team on an ongoing basis.  We do 30-60-90 day reviews, then quarterly thereafter.

Yes, just build an EVENT tool for the location and date of the event.  If you have a website or blog you can install it there or we can host it for you.  Then just share the link with your family!  Everything will be tracked, so you can tell the number of views and bookings for the tool.

Let us know what charity you want to impact and we’ll take care of making the donation in your name after the event is over.

Yes, you can have a recurring charge either monthly or annually.  We use Stripe to process our payments.  We also have a special one time, lifetime payment option.

If the user would like to forgo the monthly or annual payments, there is a lifetime one-time payment option.

To become a ,lifetime level 2 user, the one time fee is $199.

To become a lifetime level 3 user, the one time fee is $999.

Level 1 users have access to all Smart Tool Analytics
  •  For you, a group of friends or family or for your company, venue or organization
  •  110% Best Hotel Rate Promise
  •  Curated Trip Concierge
  •  24x7x365 traveler support
  •  Unlimited SmartTrip Tools
  •  Your own portal to manage the tools with chat support
  •  Every trip benefits B1G1 – Business for Good
  •  Bookings from referrals count toward reaching next level
  •  With 10 bookings get automatic upgrade to Level 2 (fee waived)
Level 2 users receive all Level 1 benefits PLUS
  •  Earn a royalty paid quarterly
  •  Earn a donation to your charity of choice, paid annually
  •  Unlimited use of Smart Portfolio tool
  •  Unlimited use of our Smart Event tool
  •  Customize your tool with graphical header using your own image
  •  Feature your preferred charity, including image and tagline
  •  Customize the colors to match your branding
  •  Custom travel preference options
  •  Earn royalty on referrals
  •  With 75 bookings in 3 months, auto-upgrade to Level 3 (fee waived)
Level 3 clients receive all Level 2 benefits PLUS
  •  Eligible for volume bonus
  •  Embed our dynamic tool into your enterprise client system
  •  Unlimited use of our Smart Map Tool
  •  Eligible for client bonus for OPT-OUT implementation
  •  Early access to new products
  •  Dedicated account director/phone support
  •  8 hours of marketing support/quarter to increase engagement
  •  With 300 bookings in 3 months, auto-upgrade to Lifetime (fee waived)

The Smart Trip Portal has a dashboard, which provides up to date information about the view of each tool, the number of searches and the number of bookings.

The sales statistics are also displayed.  These are updated each night from that day’s booking activity.

Installing Smart Trip Tools

Our basic venue, event and anywhere tools can be added to your site or blog in literally minutes.

Once you register, create and customize the look and feel of the tool using our Smart Tool Portal, you can grab the embed code and plug it in right away.

Once the tool is live, if there are any changes made, you do not have to reinstall it.  The changes are live immediately.

The Smart Tools perform best above the fold, where no scrolling is required.

If you feel like you need to tell people how to use the tool, we recommend that be done below or beside the tool, or even on another page used to get your network interested in the use of the tool.  When they are ready to use the tool, there should not be anything that stands in their way.

If you do not have your own website or blog, but you want to use our tools, you can utilize our STORED Smart Trip Tool option.

We provide the hosting for your tools, each page with a unique name.  You may store any of our tool types, so you can have event tools (like a family reunion that is a one time event) or one for a function like househunting to your new city, or you can have a tool list for venue tools to each of your client locations, so that you don’t have to look up the address each time you go to visit them.

If you have multiple hosted tools, we provide a list of those tools to make it easy for you and your team to get to the tools.  You may bookmark that list.

Integration of our tool into systems is a simple matter.  You simply customize the look and feel and the default options for the tool and then grab the dynamic embed code, which provides the format for the script to link your fields to ours.  Then install the script.  It should not take more than an hour.

Click the image above for more information.

No, you can only install one tool per webpage, or the instructions in the javascript would conflict with one another.

Yes, if you are comfortable plugging in embed code into a website or blog, you can easily install our static tools.  It will take just a few minutes.

If level 2 clients need assistance in activating the tool, Solutionz will do it for you for $99, one time fee.  In order for us to help with activation, we will need the login credentials to your website or blog.

If a level 3 client needs help with integrating the tool, Solutionz will assist for a $499, one time fee.   In order for our tech team to assist with the activation, we will need for you to appoint a technical liason.

The dynamic venue, event and map tools are available for all Level 3 clients.

If the user does 25 bookings per month for a minimum of 3 months, they will automatically be upgraded to Level 3, at no cost.

The monthly fee to upgrade to level 3 client is $40, which gives the user the ability to use an unlimited number of tools.

Yes, implementation support is included at no charge for our Level 3 clients and any client that purchases our lifetime license option.

Traveler Questions

Our system has over 700,000 hotels in over 71,000 destinations worldwide with 38.5 million verified guest reviews.  This includes many independent hotels, condo and home rentals and bed & breakfast facilities.  Want a hotel that is pet friendly?  No problem.  Want to filter by your favorite hotel brand or by price range.  It is simple.

Please pay special attention to cancellation policies on all types of lodging, as each property controls their own policies and non-standard lodging options can include things like cleaning fees that can increase the overall price.  This is consistent with other sites that have these types of properties.

Provide their information to us, including the General Manager’s name and number.  We will contact them and help them understand how to expand their distribution and be represented in our system, which also gets them distribution globally.

Yes, Traveling To Give is a partner of the Priceline Partner Network, which includes Priceline, Booking.com and Agoda.  Priceline (Nasdaq: PCLN)  is the largest aggregator of hotel inventory in the world, with over $15b in hotel sales annually (based on 2018 10K).

We are so confident that our rates are competitive, that Traveling To Give backs up our promise with a 110% best rate guarantee.  If the traveler finds a lower rate on another website for the same room, at the same hotel, on the exact same date range, within 24 hours of making your booking with us, we guarantee you that we’ll match it PLUS pay you 110% of the difference in price.

You will need to document the lower rate with a screen shot and will need to send your request, along with your trip number, name and contact information to bestrate@solutionz.com.  We will research your request and respond within 1 business day.

We also have extremely favorable group hotel rates through Groupize and we can do online requests for proposals (RFP) for group sleeping rooms and meeting rooms for up to 10 properties simultaneously.

Same-day reservations are available in most areas, for most of our hotels. You can book a reservation for the same night up until 5am Eastern Time the next day! So you night owls can rest easy knowing that next time you need a hotel room, we’re here for you!

For all hotel reservations, you can book up to 11 months in advance, for a maximum of 21 days.

Please keep a few things in mind when requesting a same-day check-in:

  1. Availability may be limited
  2. Some hotels do not allow same-day bookings
  3. When booking a reservation for immediate check-in after midnight, enter yesterday’s date into the check-in date field
  4. If you book a one-night reservation after midnight for immediate check-in, you will have to check out at the hotel’s normal checkout time later that same day.

For pre-paid hotel reservations, we will charge your credit card directly. In connection with facilitating your hotel transaction when we charge your card, the charge to your payment method will include a charge for Taxes and Service Fees. This charge includes an estimated or anticipated amount to recover the amount we pay to the hotel in connection with your reservation for taxes owed by the hotel including, without limitation, sales and use tax, occupancy tax, room tax, excise tax, value added tax and/or other similar taxes. In certain locations, the tax amount may also include government imposed service fees or other fees not paid directly to the taxing authorities but required by law to be collected by the hotel. The amount paid to the hotel in connection with your reservation for taxes may vary from the amount we estimate and include in the charge to you. The balance of the charge for Taxes and Service Fees is a fee we retain as part of the compensation for our services and to cover the costs of your reservation, including, for example, customer service costs. The charge for Taxes and Fees varies based on a number of factors including, without limitation, the amount we pay the hotel and the location of the hotel where you will be staying, and may include profit that we retain.

For transactions involving hotels located within certain jurisdictions, the charge to your debit or credit card for Taxes and Service Fees includes a payment of tax that we are required to collect and remit to the jurisdiction for tax owed on amounts we retain as compensation for our services.

Depending on the property, you may also be charged (i) certain mandatory hotel specific service fees, for example, resort fees (which typically apply to resort type destinations and, if applicable, may range from $10 to $40 per day), energy surcharges, newspaper delivery fees, in-room safe fees, tourism fees, or housekeeping fees and/or (ii) certain optional incidental fees, for example, parking charges, minibar charges, phone calls, room service and movie rentals, etc.. These charges, if applicable, will be payable by you to the hotel directly at checkout. When you check in, a credit card or, in the hotel’s discretion, a debit card will be required to secure these charges and fees that you may incur during your stay. Please contact the hotel directly as to whether and which charges or service fees apply.

You must be at least 21 years old to book a hotel reservation.

You may reserve up to 9 rooms at a time, provided they all have the same check-in and checkout dates. For a booking of 5-9 rooms a different name for each room is required.

If you want more than 10 rooms, you will be taken to our Group Booking platform and you may request a proposal from up to 10 hotels.

All rooms booked are guaranteed for the number of guests indicated in the room rate. Additional guests may incur additional fees payable directly to your confirmed hotel. You may contact your confirmed hotel directly to inquire about extra guests.

You will need to make another reservation in order to add rooms or nights to your stay. Please note, when you make the new reservation, you may not be given the same room for the additional nights.

We have over 38.5 million verified customer reviews of the properties on our site.  You can be assured that they are legitimate, as the only want to enter a property review is after you have checked out.  You will receive an email and the link to enter your review, based on your actual experience.

The star rating system is provided for your reference. Like other well-known hotel rating systems, we consider a number of factors in evaluating the quality of participating hotels such as: amenities, facilities, reputation, brand, other rating services, customer feedback from guests who have stayed at the hotel, etc., to assign a single star rating.

We screen participating hotels carefully and update our information periodically to ensure the validity of our ratings. Our rating system may sometimes differ from those of other rating systems that you may be familiar with. We do not warrant or guarantee that our star rating system is equal to or consistent with any other star rating system and reserve the right to change a hotel’s rating at any time with or without notice.

Our hotel star ratings are indicators of the general quality you can expect from your chosen hotel. The descriptions below provide general information, based on the information we use to determine a star rating. Circumstances such as ongoing renovations, overbooking, and specific guest needs can affect the quality of your stay. Be sure to let the hotel know of any special requests or requirements you have at check-in. The features described here are often not available at vacation rentals, condos, inns, bed-and-breakfasts, or other specialty lodging.

1-STAR HOTELS These hotels are national name brand and quality independent hotels that will meet the budget-traveler’s basic needs for comfort & convenience. Restaurants are either on-site or close-by.

2-STAR HOTELS All of our 2 star hotels are name brand and independent hotels which will provide your everyday amenities and services, along with clean and comfortable accommodations. They generally are near major attractions, intersections and casual-dining restaurants. Some may even offer limited hotel-restaurant service.

2.5-STAR HOTELS Our 2 1/2 star hotels are national name brand and quality independent hotels featuring tasteful accommodations, and casual public spaces. While hotel services may be a bit limited, they may feature a restaurant for breakfast or offer a continental buffet, and may offer special amenities for the business traveler by providing a homier feel.

3-STAR HOTELS Our 3-star hotels include some of the most recognizable brand names and quality independent hotels in the industry. Enjoy comfortable rooms and well-decorated public spaces. On-site dining is sometimes offered but may not be available for all three meals, and a fitness room may also be available.

3.5-STAR HOTELS These hotels are some of the most recognizable brand names and quality independent hotels in the industry. Enjoy excellent rooms, well-decorated public spaces with a higher level of customer service.

4-STAR HOTELS The personalized customer service, elegant décor, and amazingly high standards of comfort at these hotels are simply unbeatable.

4.5-STAR HOTELS These hotels are focused on providing impeccable service and the finest amenities. Distinctive touches provided in fashionable surroundings will make your stay unforgettable.

5-STAR HOTELS Our 5-star hotels offer the absolute highest levels of quality, services and amenities. Guest rooms are finely furnished with lovely linens and upscale amenities you may never want to leave. Add to that the personalized guest service, elegant decor and amazingly high standards of comfort, and these hotels are simply unbeatable.

You may be able to cancel the reservation based on the cancellation policy presented to you at the time of purchase. You can find cancellation policy information in the important information section of your confirmation page.

In your confirmation email you will find a confirmation number.  On this site you may retrieve your reservation by entering your email address and the confirmation number.

Please review your reservation information carefully before making your reservation.

You’ll usually know within seconds if your reservation is confirmed. The confirmation will come from TheHotelsNearby or the name of the private label site where you booked your reservation. However, in some instances, it may take up to 15 minutes for us to book your reservation.
If you have already booked a hotel reservation and need assistance, you can contact our Customer Service at 877-477-7441. If you call this toll free number please have your trip number, phone number and email that you entered while making your reservation available.


Checking in is easy. You will need a government-issued photo ID (like a driver’s license or passport depending on the hotel’s location) and your hotel confirmation number – which is on your itinerary. To print your itinerary, just go to the ‘Check Your Request’ section of our website. The reservation holder must present a valid photo ID and credit card at check-in. The credit card is not only used to guarantee the reservation, it is required for any additional hotel specific service fees or incidental charges or fees that may be charged by the hotel at checkout. These charges may be mandatory (e.g., resort fees) or optional (parking, phone calls or minibar charges) and are not included in your per night price.

If you do not have a credit card some properties may allow you to leave a cash deposit for incidentals. If you plan to leave a cash deposit, please call your confirmed hotel to determine if this is possible and what the amount required is.

If you are going to be later than expected, please contact your hotel directly. You can find your hotel phone number on your Check Your Request Status page. Also, if you will be checking in later than midnight on your confirmed check-in day, please contact your hotel to let them know. Otherwise, they might give your room to someone else!

You may be able to change or cancel the reservation based on the cancellation policy presented to you at the time of purchase.

You can find your cancellation policy information in the Important Information section of your confirmation page. Unfortunately, once a reservation is booked, we do not have the ability to change or modify it, so cancelling it may be the only option and you will be subject to any cancel penalties that may apply.

Please review all of your reservation details carefully before making your hotel reservation and we highly recommend purchasing travel insurance for your trip.

We do not offer special rates for children. The rate you pay applies to the total number of guests in your party.

All rooms are guaranteed for the number of guests indicated in the room rate only. If you are planning on bringing the whole family along, you may want to get more than one room. Requests for additional guests or other special needs (including preferences for smoking or non-smoking rooms) should be requested through your confirmed hotel and cannot be guaranteed.

Most hotels will be glad to accommodate you if rooms are available. If you have accessability needs (for example only, you need a wheelchair accessible room or require the use of service animal) you must call the hotel after your booking is made and verify that your needs can be met. We cannot accommodate accessability needs in advance of your booking. If the hotel cannot accommodate your disability needs, please call customer service.

We do not provide customers with the option to purchase travel that is tax exempt and our partners cannot deduct the taxes from purchases made through our website. If you need to purchase travel that is tax exempt, we recommend that you visit one of our partners and buy from them directly.

If you require a smoking or non-smoking room, you can select a hotel that fits your needs. You should contact your hotel directly after your purchase is confirmed and ask. All special requests, including room-types, are based on availability and honored at the discretion of the hotel.

When you make a reservation, you can select a specific bed type.

All rooms are guaranteed for the number of guests indicated in the room rate. Requests for bed types (King, Queen, 2 Doubles, etc.) or other special needs (including preferences for smoking or non-smoking rooms) should be requested through your confirmed hotel and cannot be guaranteed.

Once your hotel room is reserved, you may contact the hotel to request specific bedding. Special requests are at the discretion of the hotel and subject to availability. Keep in mind that if available, there may be an extra charge payable directly to the hotel. Your confirmed hotels phone number is listed on your itinerary page.

You can purchase a room for someone else as long as you are at least 21 years of age, and the person for whom you book the room for is at least 21 years of age and can present the appropriate identification before check-in.

When submitting the request on our website, enter the names of the travelers where required. Under the billing information, enter the billing details of the person paying for the reservation. Initialing the contract page during the request process indicates that the person purchasing reservations and the traveler(s) agree with all Terms and Conditions.

You can sort by specific amenities to include pet-friendly hotels. Some pet-friendly hotels may indicate that they allow pets in the hotel description. However, there may be additional restrictions. To best determine if the hotel you are selecting allows pets and what restrictions may apply, you should contact the hotel directly.

With our hotel reservations, you can sort by specific amenities to include breakfast. Please read the descriptions carefully as not all hotels offer free breakfast. If you have any questions about the amenities listed for your particular hotel you can call them directly. The hotel phone number is listed on your confirmation page.

You can view the amenities for each specific hotel, and even filter by amenity and star level to further refine your search.

Please check the amenities listed for your hotel before you book a reservation. If you have any questions about the amenities, please contact your hotel. The hotel phone number will be listed on your confirmation page.

If you need a crib or other special bedding for your infant or child, contact the hotel directly and arrange these items. Each hotel has their own policy on limitations, availability, and costs.

Does my hotel rate include parking?

While parking at some hotels is free or included in your nightly room rate, others charge for parking as an incidental – just like phone calls or room service.

Review the Hotel Details information on our website for specific information on parking options the hotel may offer.

Any requests for extra bedding are at the discretion of the hotel and may result in an extra charge payable directly to the hotel. You may call your confirmed hotel to inquire about extra bedding availability and cost.

Remember, all rooms are guaranteed for the number of guests indicated in the room rate only. Be sure to check with the hotel if you plan on having more than that number of people stay in your room – the hotel may not allow extra guests due to fire safety laws.

If your hotel does allow extra guests, there may be additional charges. These charges vary and will be payable directly to the hotel – most likely at checkout.

If your hotel does offer a courtesy car or shuttle they may charge an extra fee. For more information, call the hotel directly.

Once your hotel room is reserved, you may contact the hotel to request a cot, rollaway bed or crib for your room.

Special requests are at the discretion of the hotel. They will be happy to accommodate you if fire-safety laws allow it and the type of extra bedding you need is available. Keep in mind that there may be an extra charge payable directly to the hotel.

All rooms are guaranteed for the number of guests indicated in the room rate only. Be sure to check with the hotel if you plan on having more than that number of people stay in your room -the hotel may not allow extra guests due to fire safety laws.

If your hotel does allow extra guests, there may be additional charges. These charges vary and will be payable directly to the hotel – most likely at checkout.

If you have problems with your charges, please contact us using the form that is on the website on the Contact link.  It is best to get the name of whoever you spoke with at the hotel to assist in resolving the issue as quickly and easily as possible.  If you have not yet left the hotel, ask the desk clerk to document the problem in their online system.

In the unlikely event that an unauthorized use of your credit card occurs, immediately notify your credit card issuer. It is critical that you contact your credit card issuer directly; they will explain the specific steps required to report suspected fraud, which generally include signing an affidavit attesting to the unauthorized charges and/or canceling the credit card in question. Your credit card issuer is also responsible for initiating the process to validate and refund or reverse the unauthorized charges on your credit card.

For reservations where we do not charge your credit card, we pass your credit card information along to the hotel in order to secure your reservation. For those reservations, the hotel will charge your card for the room rate and taxes. Some hotels, consisting mostly of hotels outside of the United States, charge a tax inclusive rate that includes your room rate and taxes. If the hotel you select is charging a tax inclusive rate, it will be indicated on your contract page prior to finalizing your reservation.

Still have questions? Send it our way and we will add it to the list.