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One of the key uses of a CRM system is to plan to visit prospects and clients

CRM systems do an amazing job of helping you email or call your clients.  They track when the emails are opened and even when the recipient visits your website or responds to a social campaign.  Many CRM companies call this the “marketing automation” components of their system.

But when your customers are setting up face to face meetings with prospects and clients that result in an overnight stay, they are on their own.  Today when that happens, they have to go to a separate place to make those plans.  And there is nothing to prompt or remind them to get a hotel.  With Smart Trip Tool, you can change that.

Make your CRM system into a 24-hour concierge

Doesn’t it make sense to bring hotel availability and booking closer to their ‘reason’ for the trip? For the first time, you can help your clients easily answer the question: “Where should I stay?” With TripProximity, provide an integrated answer: “at a hotel nearby.”

What’s in it for my Company

  • Incremental, transactional revenue from trips already being taken.
  • Quick ROI with minimal investment of time and money

What’s in it for my Customer?

  • More time spent selling prospects and nurturing clients
  • 110% best rate promise for hotels means lower costs

What’s in it for the travelers

  • Way easier than “Where should I stay nearby”
  • Puts you right where you need to be to get business done

How does it fit our culture?

  • Every trip matters to the causes you support.
  • Drawing your team together toward a cause is good for morale and retention.

Imagine this use case

George uses your CRM tool in his role as a district sales rep.  George books a face-to-face client meeting at Mercedes-Benz headquarters in Atlanta.

While George is adding the meeting as an activity, the smart trip tool is displayed.  The tool auto-fills the client’s address so George can search and book a hotel nearby or view the client location on a map.

No address in the CRM?  No problem.  We can use our “anywhere” version of the tool which allows George to click on a pencil and type the name of the company and the city and we will look it up.

It streamlines George’s workflow — and after staying nearby, he ends up fresh and ready for his 8:00 a.m. presentation to Mercedes Benz.

Test it out. Experience the magic of proximity-based hotel booking.

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Differentiation matters

There are many choices for CRM tools.  Enhance the total experience for your customers. And be known as the innovator that adds to the bottom line while also supporting your favorite charities.

No matter the reason

Whether your client is calling on a hot new prospect or nurturing the relationship with an existing customer or business partner, they will appreciate having trip planning integrated right into your system.  They can use the smart trip tool to get driving directions or figure out how long it will take to get where they are going. If it takes too long, they can even get an airline ticket.

And for trips that require an overnight, they can easily book a hotel nearby.  And the traveler gets to choose properties that meet their proximity, brand, price and amenity preferences and we provide 7x24x365 support, so you don’t have to!

Make your map smarter

If you already have a map on your site, replace it with our Smart Map feature.  You can easily add our tool to your calendar platform and for all meetings with an address, you can show their location on a map. Then right from that same tool, you allow your user to access hotel booking (I’m staying), driving directions (I’m driving) and optional air booking (I’m flying).

Although the user may know the hotels that are near their destination, they don’t know what is available.  Smart trip tool shows just those available hotels that are nearby.

Add a new revenue stream and at the same time, make giving back easy

Did you know that the average business traveler books at least one trip per month with an average of a 4 night stay?   And are you aware that over 56% of all overnight business trips are taken by car?

Traveling to Give brings to you a new, incremental revenue opportunity that can bring multiple transactions a month from a single user.

We share a royalty with you on a quarterly basis, driven by the bookings made by your customers.  We also give you a bonus incentive if you turn on Smart Trip planning for all of your customers.

With Traveling to Give, every trip can also matter to the charities you support.  A percentage of the proceeds from travel bookings made on your system are given to your charity of choice annually.

Site placement is easy

The Smart Trip Tool conforms to any HTML container defined within your system.

Choosing a location near customers’ decision points creates greater value for you.  For a CRM platform, this is:

  • List of clients – adding a VISIT option to any other options listed
  • Organization page – adding the Smart Map version of the smart trip tool to replace any other map
  • Contact page – adding a VISIT option
  • Event page or Calendar item – adding prompt for this activity:  Do you want or need a hotel?

Each tool can be built separately and have different characteristics (event specific for calendar entries and venue specific for any other location) and we can track analytics and bookings separately.