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What do an animal rescue advocate, a ministry that provides hope to men recently released from prison, a pet sitting service, a non-profit that helps prevent and detect heart problems in teen athletes, a symphony orchestra, a travel blogger and an online wedding marketplace all have in common?

They all make an impact with TravelingToGive™, using our crazy smart, trip planning tools.

Read about how a few of our partners add value to their customers and make an impact at the same time.

This is the Heart of Rescue exists to raise awareness of animal rescue

This is the Heart of Rescue is dedicated to spreading the message of RESCUE in a world where innocent and vulnerable animals need our help. We firmly believe that every act of love, care and selflessness can make a difference in the lives of these animals and those who champion their cause.

“We strive to share stories of courage, hope and resilience by highlighting the heroic efforts of those who fight to save these animals day after day.”

TravelingToGive provides those that support animal rescue a way to materially help the featured charity through the click travel give program.

Saved by Grace Ministries turns around the lives of those getting out of prison

Saved by Grace Ministries is a Florida based organization that has a heart for men that are released from prison.  Jarvis Guthrie, the founder, is living his faith after his own experience of being incarcerated.

“Going to prison as an inmate was my greatest experience.  It birthed my purpose.  We are labels of crime, but products of second chances.”

TravelingToGive provides those that support Saved by Grace Ministries a way to materially help the men that Jarvis serves.  He has built an amazing farm property and is working with community and business leaders to provide training and hope for them.

Happy Hound is a pet sitting firm with locations in Tennessee and Alabama

Happy Hound is helping Heart for Athletes by promoting the use of TravelingToGive smart trip tools for their clients that travel.  This is a natural adjunct for an organization that takes care of family pets when they have to be away.

Heart for Athletes helps young athletes by educating them and early detection of heart issues

Heart for Athletes is using the TravelingToGive smart trip tool to reach new kinds of supporters for the organization, from events on their site to a giving tool on their Facebook page.  What we loved about their rollout is that they correlated the initiatives that they had (for instance buying an EKG machine) with the number of trips that a corporate partner would need to book to pay for one.

The Chicago Symphony furthers the arts in their home town and abroad through travel by their patrons

The Chicago Symphony provides their patrons with a way to find a hotel nearby an event.  At the same time, they are giving back to the Symphony.

Prior to the pandemic the Symphony conducted a European tour and TravelingToGive helped those that went on the tour to find hotels near the symphony halls to simplify the logistics of their trip.

They have just relaunched their site, and we are working with their team to integrate our dynamic tools into each event on the new CSO site.

Pull Over and Let Me Out is first travel content provider using TravelingToGive

Pull Over and Let Me Out is a travel blog about the Southeast and Beyond.   They have added integrated trip planning into each story.  Every trip taken benefits Paws for Purple Hearts, which provides service dogs for veterans.

EWedded.com is a resale network for the bridal industry

EWedded has partnered with Solutionz to help the bridal party reduce stress in getting friends and family to the wedding, plus give back to their charity of choice.

They are a new site, so we are working with their sales team to make our tools available to those suppliers that provide services to the bridal party.  Right now they are using direct mail to accomplish that and then their supplier partners are encouraged to put our tools on their site.