Case Studies – Non-Profit Clients

What does a symphony orchestra, an online wedding marketplace, a travel blogger,a pet sitting service and a non-profit that helps prevent and detect heart problems in teen athletes all have in common?  They all make an impact using TravelingToGive.

Read about how some of our partners add value to their customers and make an impact at the same time.  Then click to see how they have integrated TravelingToGive into their marketing.

The Chicago Symphony furthers the arts in their home town and abroad through travel by their patrons

The Chicago Symphony provides their patrons with a way to find a hotel nearby an event.  At the same time, they are giving back to the Symphony.

EWedded,com is a resale network for the bridal industry

EWedded has partnered with Solutionz to help the bridal party reduce stress in getting friends and family to the wedding, plus give back to their charity of choice.

Pull Over and Let Me Out is first travel content provider using TravelingToGive

Pull Over and Let Me Out is a travel blog about the Southeast and Beyond.   They have added integrated trip planning into each story.  Every trip taken benefits Paws for Purple Hearts, which provides service dogs for veterans.

Happy Hound is a pet sitting firm with locations in Tennessee and Alabama

Happy Hound is helping Heart for Athletes by promoting the use of TravelingToGive smart trip tools for their clients that travel.  This is a natural adjunct for an organization that takes care of family pets when they have to be away.

Heart for Athletes helps young athletes by educating them and early detection of heart issues

Heart for Athletes is using the TravelingToGive smart trip tool to reach new kinds of supporters for the organization, from events on their site to a giving tool on their Facebook page.