Brave Heart Workshops brings you TravelingToGive

Imagine if you were able to benefit from each trip taken by your network of friends and colleagues, and your clients and even your family.

Your donors travel for many reasons.  Earn a donation every time your supporters book a trip on a TravelingToGive smart trip tool.  Earn a donation, literally, while they sleep.

Smart givers donate even when they purchase what they need.

More and more companies donate a portion of every purchase to a customer’s favorite cause.

The leading online retailer contributes 0.5% of transactional profits to a customer’s designated charity. We salute their generosity. But we’re upping the ante even more.

TripProximity’s TravelingToGive smart giving tool donates 2.5% of the gross hotel booking to your charity of choice.  We also donate for car and air bookings, but the rate varies.

Check out this sample TravelingToGive tool. It’s live.


  • to the volunteer who supports your charity because it meant so much to him growing up
  • to your corporate sponsor who is working to instill a giving culture in their organization and who can support you with their business travel
  • to the active duty service personnel and veterans who you provide services to
  • to the young man who’s father is in prison and his mother is in and out of rehab, you get the opportunity to teach him about character, a lesson he doesn’t learn at home.
  • to the teen saved out of human slavery
  • to the staff of your non-profit who travel frequently and wants to give back
  • to the programs sponsored by your non-profit
  • to your board members that are always seeking new ways to support you and who also travel a lot
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A transactional revenue stream:

A life saver to charities and the clients they serve.

Diversified income helps charities focus on services instead of the difficult tasks of raising funds.

It lets smart givers amplify their impact for the cause they care about.

Every trip taken by those who care about your cause can benefit your organization.  You will be provided a referral link that can be shared with anyone that wants to support you throughout the year.

We can help you reach out to your corporate sponsors and volunteers and come up with programs where they can then support you with their travel, as well as spreading the word.

Click below to see how some of our partners reach out to their supporters.