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You travel. We give.

We give 5x more than discontinued Amazon Smile.

Discontinued?  Yes. If you haven’t heard, the giant online retailer decided that it wasn’t having enough impact.  Many charities had already come to that same conclusion, but their donors enjoy having a way to give as an integrated part of their life.

Did you know that the average American takes 4.2 trips per year?  Imagine if all that travel benefitted your favorite charity.

Our program is simple.

1.  You set up a free account with us
2.  Tell us your favorite charity
3.  Then you, your donors, your volunteers, your board and their friends and family can use our smart giving tool.

It can be hosted on our site, or you can activate it in minutes on your own site or blog.

No tech staff or marketing budget?  No worries.  We help with activation and rollout.  Think of us as your extended marketing department.

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