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Crazy smart
trip planning

Introducing a game changing tool for companies and non-profits that increases engagement and drives a new source of revenue, while giving back.

You travel. We give.

Always on fundraising

Traveling to Give
the smart trip tool that gives back.

Implement • Fundraise • Earn

You may be leaving money on the table

We provide marketing graphics to promote your smart tools

Give back with every trip booking.

Simply. By using our smart booking tool.

Make every trip matter

Low price guarantee

24/7 support

If you are a non-profit or an enterprise software firm, we have unique economics for you.  Let’s talk.

We handle the "getting there" process, so you don't have to

Are you asking yourself “Why do I need a trip planning tool?”

Getting people there is normally outside of the field of vision of most organizations.  By adding a smart trip tool to your site, blog or system, or your communication with your event attendees, you save everyone time and make life easier.

Free to install. Minutes to activate.


Sign up and customize the look to match your brand.


Copy and paste the embed code into your digital experience.


Invite users or supporters to use the tool as they are planning trips.

Easy to use booking. Effortless revenue and giving.

Let's make every trip matter.

Here are others that are using TravelingToGive on their sites and systems. You'll be in good company.